Thomas A. Mott



Thomas A. Mott grew up with his feet planted on the ground of the family farm in Smithfield, VA. His poet's heart was nurtured writing songs by the muddy little creek in the woods, or embraced in a field by sunshine, giant sunflowers and blue sky.

These scenes, and the characters in them, populate his songs and inform his lyrics. So do scenes from other seasons and different times. Times of jealousy, addiction and loss. Times of redemption, rehab and love. They are all part of the landscape, part of the field in which Thomas labors to create music and write songs.



"Solamente" by Thomas A. Mott


Solamente. Only Thomas. And his flamenco-flavored guitar. That's what this is about. And that's a lot when you hear him bare his soul in song. Songs about life and death, love and consequences, children, peace, and momma.

When Thomas A. Mott died on June, 7, 2015, he left too soon. He left too much. But he also left us with his songs, and his heart and spirit can be found in them. A retrospective release of unpublished material is planned.

This is part of Toneside's Songwriter Showcase series.

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Thomas and Kevin do their thing on Hunter at Sunrise