QSL-mic3Congratulations to Ryn Marie and Roy Moats, winners of our first Open Mic Competition sponsored by Toneside Records and!

It was a standing-room-only night full of great live music, with a surprising turn and two winners.

Down To Two
RynwinnerCo-winner Ryn Marie
Abby Robertson, our Week 4 finalist was ill and could not perform. Our Week 2 finalist, Wasted Presley, had car problems on the way to the show. We missed seeing great performances by them, for sure. So it came down to two finalists competing for the prize, Ryn Marie and Roy Moats. Two very different performers, both excellent artists. They both did great sets, the audience loudly cheering them on.

Here Come Da Judge

It came time to tally up the scores and announce a winner. The judges submitted their sheets and audience ballots were collected. Scoring on a 1-10 scale in three separate categories (Delivery, Technique, Originality) each or our three distinguished judges gave Roy and Ryn three ratings each. Out of these 18 ratings, the judges only agreed on the same rating twice! And the judges were split 2-1 on a winner on their sheet. So it was quite a surprise when the grand totals for each artist were the same. The judges scoring totals made it a tie!

RoywinnerCo-winner Roy Ira MoatsPower To The People

So it all came down to the audience vote, an exciting and certainly "proper" situation at an open mic competition. 36 audience members cast votes. Some were fans, others were hearing these artists for the first time. We made two stacks of ballots. Counted them. Counted them again. Once more. 18 for Ryn. 18 for Roy! It was still, incredibly, a tie! So we were glad to award a full-day demo to both Ryn and Roy. It was too good of an ending not to!

Our thanks to everyone for making our first Open Mic Contest a success! Special thanks to our judges: live-music maven Maryann Smith from; Denise Pons, music aficionado extraordinaire; and Mike Rau, writer, consultant and speaker of truth from Albemarle Sound Ideas.

We'll be back with another Open Mic Contest soon. But first, we're going to put a little cash down on the table and winner takes all each week! Stay tuned to and for details!